Twirl & Dance (Jazz & Ballet)

Happiness starts with a Twirl

The magic continues with our Twirl & Dance class.  It builds upon our Twinkle & Twirl class curriculum and we progress with the development of fundamentals in jazz and ballet.  We will include slightly more advanced choreography and steps – while firmly emphasizing fun with our dance games. There are no required prerequisites for this class.

Dancers will have an opportunity to perform a choreographed dance at our year-end recitals demonstrating what they have learned in a formal atmosphere on stage in front of family and friends.  Please note there will be an additional fee for costume and recital tickets.

For those who love tap dance, try our Twirl & Dance (Tap) Class.

This class is ideal for children in Senior Kindergarten & Grade 1, aged 4.5 – 6.5yrs.

Tutus are always welcome!

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