Studio Rules

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  • Attendance and punctuality are very important. Whenever possible, please email if you are going to be late or absent.
  • Respect for teachers, parents and peers will be expected. Bullying will not be tolerated.
  • No swearing or foul language will be tolerated.
  • Water bottles are allowed and encouraged.  Dancers are discouraged from leaving the studio to get water.
  • No gum.
  • No food with nuts.  Try to avoid bringing food to dance but if you need to please clean up after yourself.
  • No cell phones to be used during class.
  • The mirrors and barre are not to be played with.
  • Please do not entre studio before designated studio time out of respect for the class in session.
  • Due to the noise in the arena, the studio door will remain closed.
  • Students must be dressed in proper attire.
  • Smile, have fun and make new friends.

Parent Specific

  • Unless it is a parented class, we ask that parents wait outside of the class. We will be using the entire room for dancing and we want the dancers to stay focused.
  • Since there is not a proper viewing area, on designated days we will invite parents into the room during the last 5-10 minutes of class to show what we have been working on. The parent/ guardian is not required to be there, but if possible, it is encouraged.
  • The studio will open 10 minutes prior to the first class of the day; children are not to be left unattended until class starts.
  • Please ensure your young child uses the washroom prior to class. The washrooms are located outside of the arena (main lobby, or upstairs outside of meeting room 2). If you are not comfortable with your child using the washrooms on their own, please make arrangements that a parent or guardian remain there to escort them.
  • Siblings in parented and parent-guided classes. Please ensure younger siblings stay close to the area with the parents.  Please do not allow younger siblings to run amongst the dancers or to hit the mirrors.  If siblings get upset or need a change of scenery, feel free to leave the room for a few minutes, if necessary. In parent-guided classes, please be prepared to focus most of your attention on the child participating in the class.