About Twirl

Twirl Dance Company thrives on being a dance studio that supports families and encourages a connected community.


We know our families have busy lives so we want to keep everything simple, offer many forms of communication to ensure you are informed and we require no additional commitment from you or your family. We want dance to compliment the life of you and your child, not consume it. We are here to support you.


We are passionate about using each word, interaction, and teachable moment to consistently affirm how highly each of our students is valued.


We are passionate about creating a place where dancers and families feel connected with us, with each other, and with our community.

Joy &

We are passionate about creating moments, classes and dance programs that will build confidence and a joy for dance as we work to unfold each dancers potential.




About Twirl

Twirl Dance Company offers fun, recreational dance programs in Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Hip Hop and Preschool Dance.  Our positive and encouraging atmosphere will inspire the dancer in you or your child.

We offer recreational dance programs, we do not offer exams, and at this time we do not participate in competition.  We do offer year-end recitals to showcase our dancers.  At Twirl Dance our focus is in offering a dance program that enhance the lives of our dancers and their families.  We know our dance families are busy and we don’t want to overload them with fundraising and volunteering, we just want to keep it simple and we do our best to support our dance families.

We strive to provide a welcoming environment where we can share our passion for dance, and infuse it with fun and friendship.

We love to dance and we love to teach!  We can't wait to share our passion for dance with you!





About Me – Tarnia Wallace

My name is Tarnia Wallace and I am the owner and instructor at Twirl.  I have studied many styles and had the pleasure of teaching Jazz, Tap and Preschool dance for 6 years at the Canadian Dance Factory in Ottawa before opening Twirl Dance Company in 2015. Since moving to Calgary I have always missed the joy, happiness and fitness that dance brought to my life.  I am so thrilled to be in a position to teach again and to share this passion with you.

At an early age I was dancing around the house, in love with tutus and the idea of becoming a ballerina, so naturally my mom put me in ballet at 4 years old. My mother quickly realized that ballet was not for me, at this stage in my life, when I embarrassed her by telling the instructor that the class was “boring”.  I have dedicated my time and energy to creating dance classes that would never be boring for any of my dancers.  I always try to infuse fun and energy into every class.  Next, I enjoyed gymnastics for many years but I always preferred the floor routines so I begged my mom to put me into Jazz. It was the perfect fit. Shortly after starting Jazz, I learned about Tap dancing and fell in love with Tap too. Although I have also studied Lyrical, Ballet, Hip Hop, Hoop/ Ribbon - Jazz, Tap & Lyrical have always been my favourites.  Growing-up, I also played competitive soccer but when I found myself doing grand-jetes down the field, I knew my passion was dance. Not to mention I could never stand still in a line-up without tapping my feet to my latest combinations.  Dance offers so many benefits to young children, so it is my goal to ensure that all my dancers are engaged, learning dance and technique while still having fun.  

While studying and teaching dance I achieved my Bachelor of Commerce from Carleton University and then I moved to Calgary and built a career in Oil & Gas. I am so excited to be switching gears and returning to my passion of dance and building a new career doing something I love.

Today I am a wife and mother to my three wonderful children. I look forward to starting this new chapter with their love and support.