7-10 yrs

Junior Hip Hop

Bounce to the Beat This fun, high-energy class allows the dancers to let loose while developing creativity, coordination, musicality, and listening skills. This class teaches hip hop and some basic breakdancing while building confidence and friendships. This is an action-packed class that will have you movin’ to the beats! All music and moves are age appropriate. Dancers participating in the

Junior/ Intermediate Tap

Feel the Rhythm in your Feet Tap dance is a fun and energetic class that places a focus on rhythm and musicality. Dancers will use their feet to create rhythmic patterns and timely beats. Our tap program is influenced by the ADAPT syllabus. Dancers will be introduced to tap steps and tap terminology. Tap can be challenging but also very

Musical Theatre

A Star is Born! Is your child a performer? Do they love to sing, act and dance? Well then we have the perfect class for you. Students will get creative as they learn about the story behind the music, develop their personalities through characters, lip synch to the music and learn simple choreography using props. This class is offered as

JR Ballet *Winter Session

Happiness starts with a Twirl Ballet is the foundation to many other forms of dance. Ballet is smooth and graceful with focus on technique and control. It uses very precise movements to help develop balance, strength and poise. Our program offers a more relaxed approach to ballet to keep it fun and engaging. Dancers who are registered for full-year or