Mommy Dance (18+yrs) – Session Class

Thursdays 11:15-12:15. Session Class for Moms with little ones.

This class is for moms. Children are welcome to attend. We will keep them entertained as we move around the room and the little ones can be used to add resistant in your warm-up and stretching.

I love dance for so many reasons… the creative release, the fitness and the sense of accomplishment from learning and mastering a new combination or routine.  Come join me for an exciting dance class where we stretch and strengthen our muscles, challenge our memory and coordination with fun dance combinations. We will start out our class with warm-up, stretching, learn steps and then build them in to a dance to current music. In this class we will learn some of the basics in Jazz Dance with some influences from Ballet & Lyrical.

This is not an intimidating class, beginners are welcome.