Covid Safety 2021/2022

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Due to the Corona Virus Pandemic, our 2021/2022 dance season may look a little different to ensure everyone’s safety.  It will be the same great classes with some added precautions.

The following were the precautions taken for our 2020/2021.  We will update this in August of 2021.


  • There is a 15 min window of time between classes to allow teachers to wash floor, disinfect doors and other high touch areas.
  • Teachers will wear masks at all times.
  • Studio 1 and Studio 2 will have staggered start and end times, to the best of our abilities.
  • Class sizes have been reduced.
  • In the younger classes we will avoid hand holding and not allow sharing of props.
  • Hand sanitizer will be given at the start of each class.
  • Floor spots will be down to encourage social distancing as much as possible.
  • Water bottles will be more spread out.



  • Dancers should only attend class if they are feeling healthy and are able to successfully complete the AHS Screening Checklist
  • Dancers are required to wear masks in common areas such as the hallways, lobby and restrooms (Toddler dancers are encouraged to wear masks).  All dancers may remove masks when they are on their spots that are 3 meters apart.    
  • Dancers will be given hand sanitizer at the beginning of each class.



  • Parents should not enter the building if they are unwell and can not successfully complete the AHS Screening Checklist
  • Parents are required to wear masks in common areas such as the hallways, lobby and restrooms.
  • It is requested that parents leave the building during their child’s class, if possible and reasonable, and are asked to return to the long hallway for their child when they are dismissed from class.  Parents must remain 3 meters apart in the waiting areas.  For classes with younger children (under 5 years), 1 parent/guardian may be assigned by the teacher to stay in the hallway for safety.
  • For Twirl Store access, please contact us at to coordinate a time with our staff or visit your parent portal at anytime for online shopping and we will send products home with your child.
  • Twinkle Toes is a parented class and only one parent or guardian is allowed to attend these classes, to stay within our capacity.

Covid Related Class Interruptions:

  • If classes are canceled before the season or class starts we will provide 100% refund.
  • If the season is interrupted for a short period of time we may provide recorded/virtual classes to maintain our momentum.
  • If the season is interrupted for longer period of time we may delay the continuation of the season or we will offer account credits for the classes impacted.  This account credit can be cashed out at any time should you not wish to continue.

Ultimately, we want parents to feel reassured that they will be whole no matter what the situation.