Adult Jazz (6 weeks)

Class runs for 6 weeks – Jan-Feb Jazz dance is a fun, high-energy class, which incorporates technique, strength, flexibility and stylized choreography to upbeat music. As dancers progress, classes also focus on a variety of leaps, turns and combinations. Click here to set-up your account and register.

Adult Hip Hop (6 weeks)

6 weeks – November – mid-December6 weeks – April-May This fun, high-energy class allows the dancers to let loose while developing creativity, coordination, musicality, and listening skills. This class teaches hip hop and some basic breakdancing while building confidence and friendships. This is an action-packed class that will have you movin’ to the beats! Click here to set-up your account

Adult Tap (6 weeks)

Feel the Rhythm in your Feet Tap dance is a fun and energetic class that places a focus on rhythm and musicality. Dancers will use their feet to create rhythmic patterns and timely beats. Our tap program is influenced by the ADAPT syllabus. Dancers will be introduced to tap steps and tap terminology. Tap can be challenging but also very